Why Kickstarter


We have been actively seeking a way to combine all our passions for life with a positive way to make a difference to the world.  We have always endeavoured to do the best for the people around us and have been saddened by how our society has slowly slipped into decline.

A wise old man ( our Grandad ) would often talk to us about all the things that he found troubling in the world and what could possibly done to make a difference. Because of our love and inspiration for our Grandad, we had a long hard look at ourselves and realised we need to do more, inspiring us to Kickstart our product as a catalyst to help humanity, after all, our cardigans are 4 it not against it.

Where You Come In

By now your either interested or not in what we have to offer and wondering how to get involved or how to get the hell out of here. Well, the truth is we need your help; we are just a couple of young adults with a dream to make a difference. It’s extremely difficult to get taken seriously in the business world without credentials or a leg up. In this modern age, opportunities are boundless and we think our idea and product is a perfect way to promote a positive message and give, in the best way possible. We have a massive range of additional products that with help from our Kickstarter campaign, we could give and achieve the unbelievable.

Without your support on Kickstarter, this venture will not happen, please sign our mailing list to show your support, follow us on all the socials or ask us any question you'd like.