Taking inspiration from the spectacular Aussie comedy duo - Hamish & Andy, we earned our respected positions as the 'Mike and Dave' of the family. Born off the back of James Cameron’s Avatar, 'James Cameron's Have-A-Car' was a planned documentary of our tour of Australia in the wackiest vehicles known to man. That didn't quite come to fruition, probably due to the fact we were years away from even having a license, let alone a car.

We decided to put our past of "tall tales, crazy shenanigans, and general destructiveness"  behind us, in order to focus on truly important issues. Yes, we are handing in the dream of our first born 'James Cameron's Have-A-Car' to enable James and Cameron to Have-A-Car...digan. Yeah... doesn't quite roll of the tongue as nicely but was worth a shot. 

Our aim - to help those where help seems impossible.

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Cameron's 2017 Mayor's Commendation Award