The first thing to mention is we are developing a product and a range of products to compliment our initial cardigan. We can’t stress enough that we are not a charity (yet) we are striving to be able to produce a quality piece of clothing that hopefully will first and foremost, be sought after and secondly but of massive importance to us, be able to give to help others.

We have run the numbers and did our sums and hope to be able to run a profitable business off the back of this campaign. Neither a cardigan nor a charity in this case can survive without each other. Selling a cardigan with no brand or starting a charity with no track record couldn’t happen, together we know we can make it work. Our cardigan will be a quality garment priced at a fair price, not over inflated or cheap and cheerful. How well our idea is accepted or embraced is in the hands of the gods, we don’t have a crystal ball, only passion and drive. It is our intention to make our business as transparent as possible to allow our customers to see how we are helping with your generosity. 

Whilst we want to allow freedom of speech, we will have to sensor any phrase or saying on our cardigan, at our discretion. We will allow a broader range of things within the cardigan but generally will frown upon offensive material e.g., hate speech, encouraging violence against others, pornographic wording and anything that promote's discrimination, bigotry, or intolerance.

We take copyright seriously, please contact us if you have any concerns about material on our products.

Our product is still in development, we are fine tuning the sayings for our Kickstarter range and sourcing quality suppliers to make a cardigan that meets our requirements.