Our Cardi is currently still in development and will be available with a choice of inspirational or questionable quotes on the back. For those who wish to keep things closer to their chest, we will have a pull out pocket lining with once again more internal dialogue. Sayings and logos will incorporate quality embroidery and be fully tailored to your requirements. The " Cardigans for a Cause" product will feature a simpler design and incorporate uplifting sayings within the pockets, designed to inspire. There will also be a conservative version for those who wish to support our efforts but want a more sophisticated look. Follow us on Facebook to see our product develop prior to our Kickstarter Campaign going live. 











Why did we decide to use a cardigan as the hero?

We feel the humble cardigan has so much to offer and doesn't receive the full credit it deserves. Well we are here to fix this; and dawn a new light upon the untold power of the cardigan.

While the term “cardigan” can cover many styles, it essentially refers to a knitted jumper that opens at the front. Perfect as an easy jacket in autumn or a layering essential in winter, cardigans are designed to provide warmth while still appearing refined. The classical style comes in many varieties, making this wardrobe staple ideal for almost every occasion. Although the garment may not be considered modern or exciting, ( until now ) it is adept at adding a polished and stylish touch to outfits.

Cardigans are about providing warmth without bulk; they bestow cosiness but aren't stifling; they are something new for fashion-deprived souls to buy. Hello wardrobe versatility! All those fabulous summer tank tops and singlets you own are now good through the winter with a designer cardigan on top. Throw a cardi in your reusable vegan tote bag to protect yourself from the cold outside, unexpected frosty air conditioning, or harmful UV rays because your spouse wishes to sit in the sun; you are prepared for any situation.

Cardi B

Cardi A

4 it, Not Against it

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