Our Story

Our Grandad, came to Australia in 1954 as a 10 pound pom, worked multiple jobs whilst raising a family, has been married for 60 years and is just the best role model we could all have.

He loves to have a bet on the horses, super keen fisherman and loves to get on his soapbox and discuss politics, AFL and any other thing that he has come across in his extensive reading. Most of his concerns are things that he never gets to voice outside of the family but wishes he could do and say more. We recently discussed how most of these worries are outside of our control or outside of our knowledge about how to fix. Our solution and proposal to him was that as he has proved, generosity starts at home and the best we could do was to do our part to help where help is needed. The Cardigans Humanity concept was born out of this idea to give generously and care for those that we could directly help.

Here’s to you Grandad, let’s see if we can get this thing going and we can make you proud, we love you and Grandma heaps.   


Cam & James

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